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I assisted in the production and interior book design of The Best of Nest by Todd Oldham, a 300+ page book celebrating the best of Nest magazine.

The book is a compilation of spreads, pages, and stories copied and pasted directly from Nest magazine, with the addition of a special commentary section by the creator, Joseph Holtzman. I worked on translating pages precisely from the magazine into the book, which included recreating and reconstructing diecuts, patterns, and certain special effects. The body of the book stays true to the original graphics from the magazine with the only extra design elements being page numbers and issue numbers. I additionally designed and laid out the table of contents, the end pages and credits, the front introduction essay by Todd Oldham, the commentary by Joseph Holtzman, and the additional essays section.

All Photo Credits Copyright Phaidon
with the exception of the Front Essay page constructed by Valerie Nelson


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ⓒ Valerie Nelson 2023
About Valerie Nelson

Valerie grew up in south Florida, where she acquired a fondness for thunder storms, local street iguanas, and flamingo lawn ornaments. She has a diploma in Visual Arts and a BFA in Graphic Design, and she currently works and resides in Rhode Island.

For a full look at her CV, please request through email.