Textile Graphics and Patterns

Pattern Design, Lettering

I assisted in the design of a selection of bedding, textiles, and home goods for Smarts & Crafts Home.

The Color Block Comforter contained over 100 unique colors and corresponding names. I hand-drew and designed the lettering for each color name, and worked in collaboration with Sandra Lopez-Naz, a textile designer at Todd Oldham Studio. The color names also made their way on to a color wheel design floor pillow and wall art.

I also designed the alphabet artwork for the Modern Alphabet Comforter. The alphabet was made using minimal shapes, in a design that utilizes positive and negative space interchangeably.

Additionally, I designed a Rainbow Raindrop pattern which then was applied to kid’s home decor like window curtains and a play tent.

The Color Block Comforter & Floor Pillow

The Modern Alphabet Comforter

The Rainbow Raindrop pattern