Camp Plaid Branding

Branding, Illustration, Book, Print

Camp Plaid is an ongoing experiential brand created by Todd Oldham. The logo design represents hand cut letters from plaid fabric. The brand’s corresponding type resembles quick hand cut letters as well, void of counters.

We collaborated with The Graduate Hotel to design small coloring books for visiting kids to enjoy. I designed and illustrated the cover artwork for the coloring book.

Camp Plaid Logo design and additional experimental character illustrations

Camp Plaid x The Graduate Hotel Dallas coloring book cover design


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ⓒ Valerie Nelson 2023
About Valerie Nelson

Valerie grew up in south Florida, where she acquired a fondness for thunder storms, local street iguanas, and flamingo lawn ornaments. She has a diploma in Visual Arts and a BFA in Graphic Design, and she currently works and resides in Rhode Island.

For a full look at her CV, please request through email.