Smarts & Crafts
Web Animations & Social Graphics

2020 - 2021

I created digitally drawn animations for Smarts & Crafts, in a hand drawn style that still aligned with its initial branding. What’s That, Ask Todd, and Good Idea were all part of the online show, an internet series for Camp by Walmart. They each worked as title cards for the beginning of their specific segments. Other hand-drawn elements of the branding were used for social media and digital purposes.

Animated title cards for the Smarts & Crafts Internet show

The interactive webshow contained full videos of crafting projects, that were occasionally interspersed with interactive buttons that would pop in. These interactive buttons were meant to focus in on one specific element or aspect of the overall project. The three themes were “Good Idea!”, “What’s That?”, and “Ask Todd”. I designed each button as well as the title card animation that it would flow to.

I designed the original Smarts & Crafts logo for packaging, but then hand-drew the logo for animated / digital purposes

Social Media Illustrations and animations for Smarts & Crafts’ Instagram

I designed the Smarts & Crafts typeface that was used for additional social media posts.

 Smarts & Crafts’ Instagram Posts which helped describe the brand.