Making with MoMA
Branding, Pattern Design, Packaging

I worked on the branding, logo, and packaging design for Making with MoMA, a kids arts & crafts line for the MoMA Design Store.

Done in collaboration with Todd Oldham Studio, the logo was made from hand-drawn and hand-crafted marks, recreating the MoMA’s iconic logo with brush strokes, crayon scribbles, and crafted items. The playful letters then turned into a branded pattern which was applied to the packaging and connected the whole product line together.

I additionally created a custom hand-drawn typeface for product titles and instruction sheets.

Making with MoMA Branding design made by Valerie Nelson in collaboration with Patrick Hulse and Todd Oldham Studio.

About Valerie Nelson

Valerie grew up in south Florida, where she acquired a fondness for thunder storms, local street iguanas, and flamingo lawn ornaments. She has a diploma in Visual Arts and a BFA in Graphic Design, and she currently works and resides in Rhode Island.

For a full look at her CV, please request through email.